Custom Manufacturing & Fabricating: Die Castings


Lyster Industries, Inc.
Lyster, Quebec  |  819-389-5751
Lyster Ind. specializes in the manufacturing, machining, finishing and mechanical sub-assembly of aluminum components produced in high pressure die casting and squeeze casting (forging). We serve North America, Europe, Brazil, and Asia.

Kinetic Die Casting, Inc.
North Hollywood, CA  |  800-524-8083
KDC uses computer-aided production control to produce and ship cast parts to our customers on time. Our die cast machine sizes range from 130 tons to 600 tons in our aluminum die casting machines. Our zinc die casting machines range from 150 tons to 350 tons. We make many types of die cast parts from less than an ounce up to a ten pound shot.

Saint Clair Die Casting, LLC
St. Clair, MO  |  636-629-2550
Since 1967, Saint Clair Die Casting has specialized in zinc die castings, aluminum castings and secondary machining. We offer 24-hour, 7-days-per-week service. We also provide high-quality products and on-time delivery.

Therm-Cast Corporation
Bristol, WI  |  800-944-6379
Therm-Cast Corporation is a supplier of small aluminum and zinc die castings that will meet your quality and cost expectations. Our ISO9001:2000 Registered quality system is geared to prevent defects rather to merely detect them. Key processes are controlled from receipt of an order to the loading of castings on a truck. "Right the First Time" means lower costs to customers.

St. Paul Metalcraft, Inc.
St. Paul, MN  |  651-483-6641
Recognized as a leader in die casting, St. Paul Metalcraft, Inc. produces custom, close-tolerance zinc and aluminum die castings. Consistently high quality, cost effective castings are the result of the latest die casting technology, rigid standards of performance, and pride - pride of workmanship and pride of service, providing real solutions.

SDC, Inc.
Sullivan, MO  |  573-468-3107
SDC is a manufacturer of die casting products like zinc die castings and aluminum die castings. We also have drills, presses and other special machinery, which allow us to offer you secondary services.

Chicago White Metal Casting, Inc.
Bensenville, IL  |  630-595-4424
Chicago White Metal Casting is a manufacturer of die castings, including aluminum die castings, zinc die castings (miniature zinc too) and magnesium castings. We provide many solutions to die casting problems with our high-quality products and services.

Empire Die Casting Co., Inc.
Macedonia, OH  |  800-297-5724
As a manufacturer of die castings such as aluminum die castings, zinc die castings and magnesium castings, Empire Die Casting distributes to over thirty states in the USA, as well as to Canada, Europe and Asia.

Lunt Manufacturing
Schaumburg, IL  |  847-524-5542
Lunt Manufacturing is a full-service magnesium die-casting company, incorporating the latest in die-casting technology and design. Lunt's capabilities include product design and engineering, prototyping, die construction, machining, painting, assembly and packaging of finished magnesium die castings.

Rockford Metal Products
Rockford, IL  |  800-732-8504
Rockford Metal Products is a manufacturer of precision aluminum die castings and zinc die castings. We offer quality assurance program, premium quality aluminum die castings, secondary machining operations, competitive pricing, delivery schedules you can trust, and in-house design and engineering capability. Our products feature casting size to 15 lbs.

ABCO Diecasters, Inc.
Newark, NJ  |  973-624-7030
For 30 years, ABCO Diecasters has served numerous industries throughout North America with quality die castings, zinc die castings and powder coating plus automotive castings such as fuel systems elements and lighting elements.

Boose Aluminum Foundry, Inc.
Reamstown, PA  |  717-336-5581
Since 1933, Boose Aluminum Foundry has been producing quality aluminum castings. We offer aluminum die castings, and brass castings, as well as excellent service, craftsmanship and quality. We provide die castings from a few ounces to 2,000 pounds. We serve the commercial and military markets.

Citation Corporation
Birmingham, AL  |  205-871-5731
Citation is a manufacturer of aluminum die castings plus forged and machined components. We offer a variety of casting methods including shell, foam and green sand for ductile iron, and green sand, semipermanent mold, permanent mold, semisolid and high-pressure die cast for aluminum.

RIDCO Casting Company
Pawtucket, RI  |  401-724-0400
You can expect zinc die castings, complete die repair and personalized service from everyone at RIDCO Casting. We use Statistical Process Control techniques to manage your project, ensuring you a high-quality product.

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