Custom Manufacturing & Fabricating: Laser Cutting


MicroGroup, Inc.
Medway, MA  |  800-255-8823
Laser cutting and welding to tight tolerances are MicroGroup® 's specialties. YAG laser with varying beam widths is used for a variety of applications, including slotting, cutting and creating holes. Laser is CNC controlled and ideal for use with thin walled tubing, boasting beam widths down to .0005". Fax, call or email in your requirements.

Questech Services Corporation
Garland, TX  |  972-278-8006
Questech is a laser job shop featuring ceramic substrate scribing and drilling, laser silicon machining, resistor trimming, ceramic substrate dicing and sawing, and laser marking services. As an ISO 9001:2000 registered company, we are well positioned to serve the needs of commercial and military suppliers worldwide. Our management team is ready to assist in making your next project a success!

Kercher Machine Works, Inc.
Lebanon, PA  |  800-220-2007
Since 1985, Kercher Machine Works has been providing quality laser cutting services. We can use our precision laser cutting for almost any material such as plastic, copper, gasket material, wood and stainless steel, from thin sheet to 3/4" steel, with rotary axis for tube cutting. Laser cutting service available from one piece of artwork to high production using dual shuttle tables.

Aloma Shim & Manufacturing Company
Oakmont, PA  |  800-962-5662
Aloma Shim and Manufacturing provides you with a partner that is a proven leader in the laser cutting industry. Prototypes, short-runs, long-runs, and contract manufacturing are all welcome. Our high speed laser cutting centers give us exceptional cutting capabilities for intricate shapes using many types of material with very short set-up times.

Brooklyn, NY  |  718-388-6476
MILGO/BUFKIN provides a complete range of 2 and 3 dimensions, rapid precision laser cutting of metal and non-ferrous materials. From prototype through production we make sure your job comes out right and on schedule. Our fully equipped laser specialists assure quality to meet your exact specifications. Our prices are competitive and our work and customer service set the industry standard for quality.

Laser Cutting Service, Inc.
Birmingham, AL  |  877-595-7070
We started out with one 60" x 120" Bystronic laser cutter. As word spread about our company, we saw the need to expand. We added another Bystronic laser with an 80" x 160" table and a Jet Edge water-jet cutter with a 96" x 144" table to expand our capabilities of cutting different and thicker materials. The water jet gives us the opportunity to cut material up to 8" thick.

Leeco Steel, LLC
Darien, IL  |  800-621-4366
Leeco Steel Products offers laser cutting services for plate sizes up to 3/4" x 120" x 480" of the hard-to-find and standard specialty grades of plate and sheet that we inventory. We've built our reputation on availability of inventory, exceptional quality control, efficient large-scale processing capabilities, expert service, and on time delivery.

Northern Lights Laser, Inc.
Spring Park, MN  |  866-527-3701
Northern Lights Laser is an industrial laser contract machining company specializing in 3D laser drilling, cutting and welding of three dimensional pre-formed parts. We service Industrial laser applications such as aerospace, automotive and medical components. We feature extensive flexibility in 5-7 axis including rotary and wide variety of parts being processed.

Oxford Lasers, Inc.
Shirley, MA  |  800-222-3632
Oxford Lasers specializes in laser technology. Our applications labs show customers our UV and visible lasers plus show the customers micromachining technology (laser cutting, laser milling, laser drilling). Our experience in laser cutting of materials includes ceramics, diamond, glass metals, silicon.

Corry Laser Technology, Inc.
Corry, PA  |  800-736-6111
Corry Laser is a laser job shop specializing in multi-axis laser machining to aerospace, military, and automotive specifications. Our 7-axis CNC laser cutting machines are capable of work areas measuring 120" x 72" x 36" up to 1/2" thick. We can do production runs or single-piece prototypes. We have applied laser processes on materials including aerospace alloys, stainless steel, composites, ceramics, marble, glass, mica, rubber, and wood.

JP Sercel Associates, Inc.
Manchester, NH  |  603-518-3200
We provide laser job shop services; design, build and install industrial laser systems; refurbish excimer lasers and have a laser application lab. JPSA conducts laser job shop services to such materials as ceramics, glass, polymer, silicon and thin film.

Dowding Industries, Inc.
Eaton Rapids, MI  |  517-633-5455
Dowding Industries specializes in the production of laser cutting material up to 25.4mm (1.00") thick with post laser grinding and machining processes for specific customer applications. We have the capability to manufacture prototypes, short run quantities, or high volume components. Secondary machining and grinding capability is also offered, as necessary.

Wecom, Inc.
Glassboro, NJ  |  800-628-4115
Our laser cutting services are performed on aluminum sheets (to 1/8" thick), mild steel plates (to 3/8" thick), plastics (to 1/2" thick), prefabricated shapes or boxes (to 9" high), stainless (to 3/16" thick) and rectangular or round tubing. Our laser cutter can handle up to 60" x 144" sheets.

Laser Tech, Inc.
St. Croix Falls, WI  |  715-483-1636
Laser Tech is a leading supplier of laser processed ceramic substrates in North America, and throughout the world. We offer custom ceramic (alumina) laser processing, medical device laser engraving services, industrial laser engraving services, laser adhesive cutting services, laser metal cutting services, laser plastic cutting services, and laser materials processing.

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