Custom Manufacturing & Fabricating: Resistance Welding


Spotwelding Consultants, Inc.
Rowlett, TX  |  888-255-6780
Spotwelding Consultants, Inc. was established in 1983 to provide our customers with a single source for all their resistance welding needs. We carry a large inventory of used (to be reconditioned) resistance welders, purchase used resistance welders, and sell new resistance welders. Our inventory of resistance welding electrodes is the largest in the Southwest. We can also assist with spot, projection, flash, butt and seam welders; rebuilding of existing equipment; service and consulting; and welder accessories. More >

Abbott Welding Supply
Olean, NY  |  800-273-5856
Our capabilities include Supplying area company needs of gases, welding supplies, abrasive products, automation, industrial supplies and safety supplies.

Alphatron Industries, Inc.
Davie, FL  |  800-331-2805
New and rebuilt spot and seam welders with emphasis on precision and Mill-Spec welding. Specialize in 3-Phase and medium frequency inverter welders. Distributors of major brand controls, weld monitors, water chillers, tensile testers and copper products. On site service updates and consultations. Alphatron wire crimp pull testers.

Entron Controls, LLC
Greer, SC  |  864-416-0190
Entron Controls offers the only resistance welding controls backed by a two year warranty, the industry's longest, and a lifetime of commitment to service. We offer a full line of microprocessor-based solid state welding controls for new or retrofit applications.

Insight Automated Systems, Inc.
Glendale Heights, IL  |  630-893-9808
Insight Automated Systems provides the cost-effective design, development, and manufacturing of custom automated machinery. Our diverse experience are unparalleled in the unique solutions we provide to our customers. Customer Satisfaction is and will remain Our Highest Priority.

Wire Works
Los Angeles, CA  |  310-530-9353
Micro resistance welding services and support, for prototype and production welding, equipment set-up, operator training, process developement and solutions for better welding.

Blue Grass Manufacturing Company
Lexington, KY  |  859-233-7445
Blue Grass can assist you in all phases of the manufacturing process: cost reduction, manufacturing engineering, tool building, fabricating, welding, and more. We perform MIG welding and TIG welding using Miller arc welding equipment with wire feeders or Lincoln welding equipment. We are very accomplished at welding stainless steel for the electrical products and appliance industries.

Gilbert Industrial, Inc.
Pepperell, MA  |  800-721-7068
Gilbert Industrial is a full service organization servicing the resistance welding needs of industry. We provide new, remanufactured or retrofit your existing equipment to meet your needs. Call and talk to one of our trained staff about your welding needs today!

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