Custom Manufacturing & Fabricating: Water Jet Cutting


Aqua Jet, Inc.
Cedar Creek, TX  |  512-247-6613
Aqua Jet Inc. is a manufacturer of precision cut parts using high pressure water jet, abrasive water jet, and automated routing equipment. High pressure water jet cutting, and CNC routing are cost effective, and reliable methods to accurately and quickly cut virtually any flat material.

Arcadia Manufacturing Group, Inc.
Green Island, NY  |  800-354-4466
Our array of waterjet equipment, from simple single-head machines to sophisticated four-head or 5-axis machines, offer a cutting solution for any project of any size. And with the capability to cut metals up to 10" thick and expanses up to 12ft by 22ft, we can make previously "impossible" cuts a reality.

Budnick Converting, Inc.
Columbia, IL  |  800-282-0090
Budnick Converting inventories and converts adhesive tapes from every major manufacturer. Slitting, die-cutting, printing, spooling, adhesive coating, laminating, waterjet and in-line laser cutting services allow us to customize almost any tape or flexible material to your particular application.

Fab-Jet Services
Clinton Township, MI  |  586-463-9622
With 36 years of design and manufacturing experience in the military field Fab-Jet has the ability to provide design, build and consulting support for any project large or small.

Trident Alloys, Inc.
Springfield, MA  |  413-737-1477
Trident has been furnishing finished parts to customers since 1992 and has seen steady growth in this area. Services offered include: Machining, Drilling and tapping, Blanchard grinding, Water jet cutting, Balancing, Welding fabricated details onto castings, Hardfacing

Chapman Engineering, Inc.
Santa Ana, CA  |  714-542-1942
We specialize in the manufacturing of brackets, chassis, and small assemblies from 50 - 50,000 piece runs. Working from traditional blueprints, or even your own samples is no problem! In addition to our stamping and press capabilities, we offer state of the art laser and waterjet cutting to accommodate larger parts or smaller quantities, as well as situations where tooling costs become prohibitive.

Advanced Quality Waterjet Cutting
Oxnard, CA  |  805-983-2484
Precision waterjet cutting services specializing in quality, quick turn around and delivery, using state-of-the-art precision equipment.

Hydro-Cut, Inc.
Fairfield, OH  |  513-874-5550
Hydro-Cut, Incorporated is a full-service materials cutting organization providing 2D abrasive and water-only cutting of virtually any material, including: Stainless Steel, Aluminum, Tool Steel, Titanium, Inconel, Ceramic, Elastomers, Marble, Granite, Composites, Mild Steel, Hastelloy, Acrylic/Lexan, Foam, and Plastics.

Precision Cutting Service, Inc.
Savannah, GA  |  888-567-0435
Precision Cutting Service, Inc., has been supplying high-quality, precision fabricated and finished component parts and gaskets since 1994. We are a full-service shop providing not only the design and engineering, but also execution to the finished delivered product.

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