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Steelman Industries, Inc.
Kilgore, TX  |  800-337-5827
Established in 1957, Steelman manufactures power factor correction equipment. Our capacitors are engineered for heavy-duty, trouble-free use. They are built with components that meet or exceed industry standards. We offer three-phase capacitor cells that have a rated life of 150,000 hours, as well as a design of single-phase capacitors wired in a three-phase delta configuration. This allows replacement of just one phase instead of all three phases of a capacitor. Our capacitors are also UL listed. More >

Arizona Capacitors, LLC
Tucson, AZ  |  520-573-0221
Arizona Capacitors specializes in the manufacture of film and foil capacitors and large format magnetic components and filters for government, industrial and commercial applications. We deal with a large number of industries and our systems are scalable to accommodate both large volume manufacturing runs and small-volume short runs for the replacement market.

RTI Electronics, Inc.
Anaheim, CA  |  714-765-8200
RTI Electronics offers a complete line of metallized polyester, metallized polycarbonate, metallized polypropylene capacitors, as well as film and foil versions. Standard catalog case styles include tubular hermetically sealed, wrap-and-fill, both oval and round, and other styles. Our company is staffed by experienced engineering and production professionals uniquely qualified to assist in the design and production of the most demanding film capacitor applications.

Aerovox Corporation
New Bedford, MA  |  508-994-9661
Aerovox is a leading US manufacturer of AC and DC rated film capacitors for HID lighting, motor run, IGBT snubber, power factor, defibrillator, microwave oven, power conversion, and high energy discharge pulse power applications. Aerovox polypropylene capacitors are available in metal and plastic cases, wrap & fill or custom packages.

KEMET Corporation
Greenville, SC  |  877-695-3638
KEMET offers the world's most complete line of surface-mount and through-hole capacitor technologies across tantalum, ceramic, film, aluminum, electrolytic, and paper dielectrics. Our capacitors are fundamental elements used in every type of electronic equipment, including computers, telecommunications, automotive electronics, military electronics, medical electronics and consumer electronics. Production is measured in the billions of pieces per year.

Mini-Systems, Inc.
Plainville, MA  |  508-695-2000
Mini-Systems, Inc. is a leading worldwide manufacturer of precision thick and thin film chip resistors, capacitors, metal/glass sidewall packages, custom thick film hybrid circuits, and multi-chip modules. Our commitment to quality and responsive customer service have served as the cornerstone for our successful efforts to build and maintain a leadership position.

Custom Electronics, Inc.
Oneonta, NY  |  877-735-9234
Custom Electronics designs, manufactures, and supports a wide variety of specialized, reliable, high-quality capacitors and electronic assemblies. Our products include high-voltage mica-paper capacitors, subassemblies and packages high-voltage modules for the missile-system, communication-satellite, medical-electronics, geophysical, and aerospace industries. We will deliver these products at competitive prices with superior customer service.

Elna America, Inc.
Cypress, CA  |  800-700-3562
Elna is a worldwide company with specializng in the design and manufacturing of aluminum electrolytic, electric double layer and tantalum SMD capacitors. Our plants in Japan, Thailand, China and Malaysia manufacture our capacitors and all are QS 9000, ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified.

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