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Reed Switch Developments Corporation
Racine, WI  |  262-883-9060
Reed Switch Developments is a pioneer and world leader in the development and packaging of high quality custom and off-the-shelf reed switch total solutions for a variety of OEM industries. Utilizing your individual requirements and our unique capabilities, we will recommend the best switch/sensor, and actuator combination, or we may develop a new switch to meet the demands of your specified application.

APEM Components, Inc.
Haverhill, MA  |  877-246-7890
For over 50 years, APEM has been setting the standard for excellence in switch manufacturing. We provide personal service and fast delivery to over 2,000 customers in North America. We offer a wide variety of switch styles, including toggle, pushbutton, rocker, slide, DIP, tact, key, pushwheel and snap-action switches. We also manufacture industrial controls and membrane switch products.

MagneLink, Inc.
Hillsboro, OR  |  800-638-0801
MagneLink, Inc. is a manufacturer of quality reliable magnetic switches. Our switches are widely used in applications where longevity and reliability are high priorities. We offer a variety of electrical configurations and housing dimensions to suit different needs.

EECO Switch
Brea, CA  |  800-854-3808
Founded in 1947, EECO is a leader in binary coded switches. EECO developes a wide variety of thumbwheel switches and has introduced the Stripswitch and Micro-DIP printed circuit board mounted coded switches. We are also one of the oldest membrane switch manufacturers.

Control Products, Inc.
East Hanover, NJ  |  973-887-9400
Control Products, Inc. manufactures high-endurance waterproof and thermal switches plus indestructible hydraulic position sensors. We manufacture our products for one purpose - to bring precision, efficiency, reliability, and safety to your equipment, in the most demanding applications.

E-Switch, Inc.
Minneapolis, MN  |  800-867-2717
E-Switch is a switch manufacturer whose product offerings continue to expand each year. Customer demand has prompted the addition of several new products, including new lines of snap-action switches, slide switches, sealed and illuminated pushbutton switches, SMT pushbutton switches, and illuminated rocker switches. E-Switch is completely committed to quality throughout our entire manufacturing, sales, and distribution network.

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