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Magnetic Hold, Inc.
Wichita, KS  |  316-207-1895
Magnetic Hold is a provider of all types of permanent magnets and magnetic assemblies for retail and industrial applications. We offer alnico and ceramic magnets, as well as rare earth magnets, such as neodymium and samarium. We design our magnetic assemblies to suit your needs and provide engineering drawings at no charge.

Eneflux Armtec Magnetics, Inc.
Bethpage, NY  |  800-227-6835
EA Magnetics supplies magnets and magnetic assemblies to OEMs in all types of industries. We offer alnico, bonded ferrite, ceramic magnets, flexible magnets and magnet components for electronics and actuating devices. Our manufacturing capabilities include advanced magnetic modeling and characterization software to provide optimal support and engineering for all requirements.

Quadrant Corporation
Louisville, KY  |  502-589-9650
Quadrant Solutions has the resources to design, manufacturing and delivery of state of the art magnetic products and systems. Advanced Engineering and Design is employed in the development of superior magnetic products and systems. We are your comprehensive source for each stage of the product cycle.

Magnum Magnetics Corporation
Marietta, OH  |  800-258-0991
Magnum Magnetics is your complete, one-stop source for flexible magnets. We provide superior customer service and high-quality flexible magnetic sheet, strip and custom profiles at competitive prices. From high quality magnetic material to packaging customized to your requirements, we do it all!

Bunting Magnetics Company
Newton, KS  |  800-835-2526
Since 1959, we have been solving problems with magnetic energy for manufacturers of anything from paper towels and cardboard boxes to automobiles, plastic housewares, food products, and electronic equipment. We offer magnetic equipment such as conveyors, metal separators, flexible strips and sheets, lifters, sweepers, printing cylinders and bases, and much more!

Magnetool, Inc.
Troy, MI  |  248-588-5400
Magnetool, Inc. is a manufacturer of magnetic handling equipment. We specialize in multilifts, magnetic sweepers, magnetic filters, magnet material, electromagnets, demagnetizers, permanent magnet chucks, and other equipment. We also have the facilities to repair any make of electromagnetic chuck or permanent magnetic chuck.

ACH Magnetics, Inc.
Pomona, CA  |  800-941-8181
ACH is specialized in permanent magnet products and components. Having over 20 years of experience in the permanent magnets industry, we are well prepared to serve any needs of engineer-to-order customers. Our products include ceramic (ferrite), licensed sintered and bonded neodymium magnets, samarium cobalt, alnico, and flexible magnet, as well as soft ferrite and magnetic assemblies.

MSI Magnetic Specialty, LLC
Marietta, OH  |  800-848-6330
MSI is a proven leader in the magnetic product industry delivering high quality, competitively priced products to a multitude of markets and industries. Our products, services and solutions can provide the best possible return on your investment. Through a combination of product selection and customer service, we can optimize product application, customization and logistics to meet your needs.

MMC Magnetics Corporation
Hauppauge, NY  |  800-435-1088
MMC Magnetics specializes in manufacturing and supplying engineered permanent magnetic materials and components. Our product line includes neodymium, samarium cobalt, alnico, bonded, ceramic, and flexible magnets. In addition, we also offer various magnetic assemblies. Today, quality and excellence are synonymous with MMC Magnetics.

The Permanent Magnet Company, Inc.
Indianapolis, IN  |  317-547-1336
Permanent Magnet offersall kinds of maagnets from cast and sintered alnico magnets, to magnets made from obscure rare earth elements. We know that the strength of the magnetic field and the resistance to demagnetization are measurable qualities in every product we produce. Our recipe for the exact chemical compound and the proper manufacturing technique will result in a magnet that meets your needs.

Magnetic Metals Corporation
Camden, NJ  |  800-257-8174
Magnetic Metals Corporation has been a pioneer of magnetic components since the Company's founding in 1942. We provide materials, components and assemblies, precision transformer and motor laminations in NiFe and CoFe steels, toroidal and cut cores, distributed gap cores, GFCI, ALCI, and arc detection. Advanced assembled products are also available in standard and special shapes.

Adams Magnetic Products Company
Elmhurst, IL  |  800-747-7543
Adams is a supplier of full selection of magnetic products. Our strong permanent magnet lines include rare earth, neodymium, samarium cobalt, flexible magnet sheet, magnetic strip, ceramic magnets, alnico, magnetic hooks, latches, assemblies and more. Our product offering of industrial permanent magnets, soft ferrite cores and electromagnets grows every day through customer-focused innovation.

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