Electronic Components: Integrated Circuits


East Texas Integrated Circuits
Richardson, TX  |  888-854-0178
East Texas Integrated Circuits is a leading supplier of standard and application specific integrated circuits for the robotics and motion control industry. Our product offerings primarily serve the needs of the OEMs involved in the motor encoder market. Our product line includes photodiode arrays, opto-signal processors, line drivers, interpolation circuitry, logic output photo integrated circuits and custom ASIC devices. We are providing many of our devices in lead-free format. More >

Monolithic Power Systems, Inc.
San Jose, CA  |  408-826-0600
Monolithic Power Systems is a high performance analog semiconductor company. Our product families include DC/DC converter, LED driver, Cold Cathode Fluorescent Lamp (CCFL) backlight inverter, class D audio amplifier, linear and other types of integrated circuits. We deliver highly integrated monolithic products that offer energy efficient, cost-effective solutions.

Atlantic Semiconductor, Inc.
Topsfield, MA  |  888-664-0440
Atlantic Semiconductor provides OEMs and contract manufacturers with semiconductors, integrated circuits and computer products. Our sales team rises above its competition with years of experience in the global semiconductor and computer product marketplace, enabling them to offer superior support to industry leaders throughout the world. Atlantic has a proven history of finding customized solutions to your exclusive product needs.

Primarion Corporation
Torrance, CA  |  310-602-5500
Primarion is a mixed signal integrated circuit company that designs, manufactures and markets digital power integrated circuits. We are committed to becoming the supplier of choice for delivering mixed signal integrated circuits that address inflection points in power management for the computing, graphics and communication markets.

Lansdale Semiconductor, Inc.
Tempe, AZ  |  602-438-0123
Lansdale Semiconductor is a semiconductor aftermarket pioneer in integrated circuit products life cycle management. Lansdale manufactures over 3,000 integrated circuits in the original package types, exactly as they were designed and produced by AMD, Fairchild, Freescale Semiconductor, Harris, Intel, National, Philips, and Raytheon.

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