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Global Fasteners, Inc.
Dallas, TX  |  800-553-7998
Since 1980, Global Fasteners has been a leading distributor of commerical, electronic and military specification hardware. Our product lines include battery clips, tamper proof screws, latches, panel screws, handles, bumpers, as well as self clinching fasteners, quarter-turn fasteners, and weld fasteners and other hardware. At Global Fasteners we offer only the best lines. We offer complete lot control from the time the parts reach our dock until they are shipped to you the customer. More >

John Hassall, Inc.
Westbury, NY  |  516-334-6200
John Hassall is a fastener manufacturer producing custom threaded fasteners, rivets and pins for aerospace, automotive, commercial and electronic applications. We combine cold forming, hot forging, precision machining and other secondary operations to create parts and fasteners in lengths up to 9".

APM HEXSEAL® Corporation
Englewood, NJ  |  800-498-9034
APM HEXSEAL® is a provider of Self-Sealing Fasteners and Washers! Our industrial fasteners, including screws, bolts and nuts, are vibration-resistant and are available with many surface finishes and optional o-ring seal materials. Applications include military equipment, aircraft systems, motor housings and fuel tanks.

Wind Corporation
Danbury, CT  |  800-946-3267
Wind designs and manufactures assorted industrial fasteners (fire door locks, raw spring and steel catches, luggage locks and catches, etc.) plus other hardware products and components—cam locks, handle pulls, latches, hinges, padlocks and truck box hardware for a broad range of industries.

PSM International
Newberry, SC  |  800-526-1886
PSM International is providing specialised engineered fasteners applied to a broad range of industries. PSM is one of the world's leading manufacturers of fasteners and inserts for plastics. Our customers include the major players in the mobile telecommunication, PC and laptop markets as well as the automotive industry.

Tru-Fit Products Corporation
Medina, OH  |  330-725-7741
Tru-Fit Products Division has been cold forming fasteners since 1928. The diversity of multi-station forming equipment allows the ability to offer you products ranging from 5/32" through 1 3/8" diameter with some lengths exceeding 10". Our modern facility is equipped with every process in manufacturing fasteners - from part engineering to a completed fastener.

Harper Aerospace Fasteners
Corona, CA  |  951-817-3333
For over 35 years, Harper has produced some of the most sophisticated and esoteric fasteners imaginable for the Aerospace Industry. Harper's documented fasteners can be found in satellites, nuclear applications, radar equipment, turbine engines, high-pressure pumps, and a host of other sophisticated applications in the aerospace and commercial industries.

Velcro® USA, Inc.
Manchester, NH  |  800-225-0180
VELCRO® Brand fasteners are designed for applications ranging from automotive, crafts, home, office, lawn, garden and outdoor. We have a full range of fasteners that fit your specific application needs like adhesive-backed hook and loop fasteners for general purpose, posters, industrial strength, rough surfaces, cubicles and automotive, and more!

Electronic Eyelet & Interconnect, Inc.
San Jose, CA  |  408-978-4180
Established in 1987, Electronic Eyelet & Interconnect, Inc., has served the OEM, contract manufacturing and engineering marketplace with quality products, services and innovative inventory management systems. We can provide you with automotive fasteners, captive fasteners, metric fasteners, panel fasteners, stainless steel fasteners, bolts, nuts, and other products.

Stimpson Company, Inc.
Bayport, NY  |  877-765-0748
Stimpson offers two basic types of snap fasteners - ring snaps and segmented snaps, as well as some new additions to Stimpson's snap fastener line. Stimpson Ring Snaps are made primarily from brass and conform to Government Specifications MIL-F-10884, MS 27890 and MS 27981. Stimpson Segmented Snaps are made from both brass and steel and fill the requirements of most light duty applications as found in apparel and leather goods.

Cold Headed Fasteners, Inc.
Delanco, NJ  |  800-233-1625
Cold Headed Fasteners stocks a full line of capacitor discharge studs (flanged, mini-flanged or non-flanged) in mild steel, aluminum and stainless steel. Our fasteners' specifications feature threaded or non-threaded fasteners, shoulder fasteners, collar or continental studs, roll forms, and more.

Ohio Rod Products
Versailles, IN  |  812-689-6565
Ohio Rod Products manufactures headed and threaded fasteners. Our fasteners are of a long length (up to 52") and a small diameter (1/2" and less). These are FQA-compliant industrial fasteners. We are a division of Elgin Fastener Group.

Ludwig Manufacturing Company, Inc.
Racine, WI  |  877-578-6041
Ludwig Manufacturing offers zinc-plated carbon steel and stainless steel fasteners. Our snap fasteners have many holding applications, including removable access doors, panels, grills, covers, and windows. Our fasteners are easy to install, durable, strong, and have a long life. We also offer special styles made to order.

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