Instruments & Controls: Dynamometers


Taylor Dynamometer, Inc.
Milwaukee, WI  |  414-755-0040
Taylor Dynamometer is the leading manufacturer of engine dynamometer, chassis dynamometer systems, accessories for dynamometers, controls for dynamometers, software and instrumentation. Many of our parts and components are custom fabricated by our suppliers to our design and patterns, to ensure that they meet our high standards of reliability and durability.

DyneSystems, Inc.
Jackson, WI  |  800-657-0726
DyneSystems is your complete source for integrated dynamometer test and data acquisition systems. We engineer and manufacture digital dynamometer and throttle controls, test cell automation systems, and new or used eddy current, AC and DC dynamometers. Whether you are testing an electric motor, gas or diesel engine, we can create the solution to your testing needs.

AW Dynamometer, Inc.
Colfax, IL  |  800-447-2511
AW Dynamometer has been supplying quality dynamometers to the industry since 1957. Our product line includes agricultural, electric motor, engine, and chassis dynamometers. We offer the largest selection of dynamometers in the world. With over 20 models to choose from, you can select a dynamometer that is right for your needs.

SuperFlow® Technologies Group
Colorado Springs, CO  |  888-442-5546
SuperFlow Technologies Group provides the most complete selection of dynamometers and test equipment for the entire drivetrain. We manufacture the finest transmission, engine, auto chassis, motorcycle chassis, towing, brake and torque Converter dynamomers available. Our dynamometers are designed for professionals who want the highest level of accuracy, repeatability and test throughput.

Dynamic Test Systems, Inc.
Shingle Springs, CA  |  800-243-3966
DTS designs and manufactures complete engine dynamometer systems and is the leader in dynamometer innovation. We also manufacture automated valve spring dynamometers, and stand alone dynamometer data acquisition systems. We will configure for your system to meet your exact requirements using the most advanced design, technology, materials, components and finishes available.

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