Instruments & Controls: Electric Heating Elements


Caliente LLC
Fort Wayne, IN  |  260-426-3800
Caliente is a manufacturer of heating elements and systems for outdoor cabinets, enclosures and kiosks. We offer complementary pad/mat style heaters for spot heating, and forced convection heaters for heating an entire enclosure and its contents.

Dawson and Associates, Inc.
Dallas, TX  |  214-357-3222
Dawson & Associates is a sales organization specializing in the application of industrial electric heaters, pressure sensors, electronic process controls along with related instrumentation and hardware for industry.

Glenn Electric Heater Corporation
Erie, PA  |  814-898-4000
Glenn Electric Heater Corporation manufactures a complete line of electric heating equipment for industrial and commercial applications utilizing the basic metal sheathed tubular heater, cartridge heater, and mica insulated heater.

Concord, NC  |  704-784-3001
Thermaltek designs and manufactures high temperature furnaces, both gas and electric and also manufactures metallic resistance elements. Our products include furnaces and kilns for the ceramics and glass industries, high temperature furnace equipment for magnesium processing and aluminum die casting, heating Elements for industrial furnaces and kilns.

Electro-Heat, Inc.
Allegan, MI  |  269-673-6688
We manufacture immersion heaters, cartridge heaters, tubular elements, and finned tubular elements. A few applications where you will find our heating elements include: the commercial refrigeration industry, air heating and drying, comfort heating industry, food processing equipment, water and oil heating.

Carolina Heating Products, Inc.
Fort Wayne, IN  |  260-969-5607
Carolina Heating Products is a designer and manufacturer of electric resistance heating elements and a distributor of various hardware and controls for the heating, air conditioning, appliance, and kiln industries.

Battle Creek, MI  |  800-937-4681
Hotset, an electric heater innovation leader for over 25 years, manufactures coil heaters, mini coil heaters, flexible tubular heaters and cartridge heaters worldwide. Hotset, as a company and as individual employees has a passion for the pursuit of excellence in heater performance, durability and innovation. We are preferred partner for employees, vendors and customers.

Summit Dynamics, Inc.
Hudson, OH  |  888-734-6446
Summit Dynamics, Inc. distributes products which apply, measure, and control electric heat for industrial processes. Our product line includes air heaters, ceramic infrared heaters, tubular heaters, band heaters, cartridge heaters, strip heaters, and many other types of heaters. Our goal is to serve the demanding process heat market with high quality products, outstanding customer service and fair prices.

Heatrex, Inc.
Meadville, PA  |  800-394-6589
Heatrex manufactures tubular heating elements, bolt heaters, immersion heaters, duct heaters, and circulation heaters for industry. As specialists in the science and manufacture of electric heat products, we serve an array of national and international customers. A team approach and commitment to total quality fosters a unique and effective environment for concept development, prototype design and testing, and manufacture of top-quality products.

Eichenauer, Inc.
Newport, NH  |  603-863-1454
For eight decades Eichenauer has been a world leader in heating element design and manufacturing. Our broad product line includes tubular heating elements for immersion and radiant heating, self-regulating PTC heating elements, nichrome resistance wire elements for convection and forced-air heating, and aluminum foil pad heaters for surface heating.

Atlantic Electric Systems
Charlotte, NC  |  800-438-2010
Atlantic Electric Systems is a full service distributor specializing in electric process heaters, temperature controls and temperature measurement devices. From bands and cartridges of all kinds to process heaters like flange, screw plug and radiant heaters, we can meet every process heater need. Standard products are available from our stock or from the factory and can often ship the same day or at most in a few days.

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