Instruments & Controls: Flow Meters


Hoffer Flow Controls, Inc.
Elizabeth City, NC  |  800-628-4584
Hoffer Flow Controls is a manufacturer of flow meters. Providing accurate solutions to flow measurement problems is our specialty. Whether your application is located in an industrial plant, truck mounted or even in harsher environments such as sub sea or military, we have a solution for your liquid and gas flow applications. We provide a 5-year warranty on our flow meters.

Universal Flow Monitors, Inc.
Hazel Park, MI  |  866-542-9641
Universal Flow Monitors offers specialized metering solutions for a variety of industries. Our product line includes high quality mass flow meters, water flow meters, lubrication flow meters, and air flow meters for specialized and general applications. Our products are characterized by a simple and robust design backed up by high customer service and dedication to quality.

Brooks® Instrument, LLC.
Hatfield, PA  |  888-554-3569
For decades, Brooks products have led the industry in flow measurement and flow control for critical applications. Our flow meters and flow controllers consistently rank at the top of their category for accuracy, reliability and user preference. That is why no other company can solve your flow measurement and flow control challenge and improve your process in as many ways as we can.

Eldridge Products, Inc.
Monterey, CA  |  800-321-3569
Eldridge Products produces the Master-Touch™ family of thermal gas mass flow meters and switches for measurement and control of a wide variety of gas flow applications. Our patented Flow Averaging Tubes (FAT™) provide accurate flow measurement in large pipes and ducts such as HVAC installations, and in applications with very limited upstream straight run such as facility upgrades, retrofits and general moderization.

Blancett® Flow Meters
Racine, WI  |  800-235-1638
For over 25 years, Blancett has manufactured rugged and accurate stainless steel turbine flow meters. Our turbines serve customers in petrochemical, semiconductor, food and beverage and process control industries throughout the world. Our product line includes flow monitors, frequency-to-current/frequency-to-voltage output converters, and K-factor scalers.

Alicat Scientific, Inc.
Tucson, AZ  |  520-290-6060
Mass flow meters, mass flow controllers and pressure controllers have been the focus of Alicat Scientific's business since its founding in 1991. Our devices have been instrumental in helping customers save time and money by reducing downtime and material loss and increasing measurement precision. We have earned a solid reputation by providing accurate and dependable products and never wavering from a strict policy of superior customer support.

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