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Thermo Sensors Corporation
Garland, TX  |  800-889-5478
Since 1972, Thermo Sensors Corporation has been manufacturing thermocouples, thermowells, RTDs, as well as wire and thermosensor accessories. We provide the chemical, petrochemical, refining, food, pharmaceutical and other industries with sensors of standard and special designs. Our industrial thermocouples are widely used in process industry applications. We are dedicated to a quality control program that sets us apart in the industry. More >

Temperature Measurement Systems
Malakoff, TX   |   800-967-6498
TMS is a premier manufacturer of thermocouple assemblies, thermocouples, RTDs, RTD sensors and standard thermocouples. We have been manufacturing a complete line of high-quality temperature sensors since 1981, equipped with an on-site machine shop!

Battle Creek, MI  |  800-937-4681
Hotset, an electric heater innovation leader for over 25 years, manufactures coil heaters, mini coil heaters, flexible tubular heaters and cartridge heaters worldwide Hotset, as a company and as individual employees has a passion for the pursuit of excellence in heater performance, durability and innovation.

Hart Scientific, Inc.
American Fork, UT  |  800-438-4278
Hart Scientific, a Fluke company, has everything for your thermocouple needs. We offer unmatched quality and service in the production of thermistors, thermocouples and RTD thermocouples. Our products are used all over the world due to outstanding quality and reliability. Contact us for more information!

Newport Scientific, Inc.
Jessup, MD  |  301-498-6700
Newport Scientific is a manufacturer of high-pressure products including high-pressure valves, reaction vessels, thermocouple assemblies, thermocouples and temperature sensors. We do work for a number of industries including aerospace and chemical processing.

JMS Southeast, Inc.
Statesville, NC   |   800-873-1835
JMS Southeast designs and manufactures a complete line of high quality standard and custom temperature sensors including thermocouples, RTDs and thermowells. Our 24 hour Swifty Sensor Service (at no extra charge), our new calibration program that complies with ISO 9000 / OSHA PM 1910 and is NIST traceable, and the Rolling Purchase Order Program for special volume and OEM discounts are what sets us apart from other manufacturers.

Convectronics, Inc.
Haverhill, MA  |  800-633-0166
Convectronics is an experienced and innovative manufacturer of a range of thermocouples including RTD sensors. We also specialize in the design and production of a complete line of heaters such as electric heaters and infrared heaters.

CeramTec North America
Laurens, SC  |  800-752-7325
Ceramaseal®, a brand of CeramTec, is a leading source of thermocouples, RTDs, temperature sensors and RTD sensors. Ceramaseal® products serve a variety of industries and applications including high-pressure, nuclear, aerospace, medical technology, semiconductor and many more.

Burns Engineering
Minnetonka, MN  |  800-328-3871
Burns Engineering designs and manufactures temperature sensors and transmitters for the process and OEM industries. Our product line includes industrial thermocouples, thermocouple assemblies, temperature sensors, RTDs and laboratory reference thermometers. Calibration services also available.

Thermocouple Technology, Inc.
Quakertown, PA  |  800-784-3783
Thermocouple Technology (TTEC) manufactures a full line of temperature measurement products including thermocouples, thermocouple assemblies, RTDs, thermo wells, transmitters, thermocouple wire, indicators, controllers, accessories, probes, surface temperature sensors and more.

Thermometrics Corporation
Northridge, CA  |  866-783-6827
Since 1965, Thermometrics Corporation has been dedicated to furnishing the industrial community with a smart, yet simple, cost effective solution to temperature measurement. Thermometrics is a manufacturer of analog and digital temperature sensors, RTDs, thermocouples, thermowells, sanitary sensors and accessories for pharmaceutical, aerospace, marine, and other applications.

Alpharetta, GA  |  678-947-5510
THERMOCOAX is an accurate and reliable source for all of your thermocouple needs. We are dedicated to our superior quality assurance program, which meets ISO 9001 and 14001 standards, as well as the standards of JAR 21, COFRAC and Qualifas.

Alpha Technics
Irvine, CA  |  949-250-6578
Alpha Technics is an industry leader in the design, development, and production of precision thermal measurement solutions ranging from industrial NTC thermistor sensors to automated test and measurement systems and software. We are dedicated to the development, design and manufacture of high precision NTC thermistor sensors, platinum RTDs, and custom probe assemblies used to effectively monitor, measure, and control temperature in various applications.

MTI Industrial Sensors
Lewisville, TX   |   800-255-5638
MTI Industrial Sensors is a custom designer and manufacturer of thermocouple assemblies, RTD probes and sensors, standard and custom thermocouples and temperature sensors. We have served industries for several decades with a commitment to quality control and on-time deliveries.

United Electric Controls Company
Watertown, MA  |  617-926-1000
United Electric Controls Company is a leader in the design, manufacturing and application of Threshold Detection and Switching™ technology. Our products protect people, valuable equipment, and the environment in a wide variety of industrial applications by monitoring pressure or temperature conditions.

Exhaust Gas Technologies
Anaheim, CA  |  800-348-4678
Exhaust Gas Technologies manufactures a wide range of thermocouple assemblies for all types of industrial uses. Our staff has over 75 years of engineering, manufacturing and applications experience ready to serve you. Should you need special assistance in the design or application of sensors you can be assured we will respond to your needs in a fast, courteous manner.

Wahlco, Inc.
Santa Ana, CA  |  714-979-7300
Wahlco, Inc. is a leading environmental equipment and services company. Wahlco specializes in the manufacture of custom and miniaturized thermocouples and thermocouple assemblies. Wahlco thermocouples are typically used in harsh, high-vibration, high-pressure, high-temperature applications that require reliable, accurate, and fast temperature sensing.

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