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Baldor Electric Company
Fort Smith, AR  |  479-646-4711
Baldor is a manufacturer of industry's broadest line of energy-efficient electric motors and adjustable speed drives. Our product line includes AC/DC motors, AC/DC controls, gear products, motion control, Servo motors and control, linear products, grinders and buffers. We continually improve quality of our products to provide our customers with better value.

Ramco Rotors, Inc.
Greenville, OH  |  937-548-2525
Ramco Rotors is a ISO9001:2000, AS9100 certified establishment for the manufacture of high quality electric motors and related assemblies and components for use in industrial, military, and aerospace applications. We are committed to the operation of an independently verified quality system as evidence of the excellence of the service provided to our customers.

RAE Corporation
McHenry, IL  |  800-323-7049
Founded in 1946, RAE Corporation provides high quality motion control products that are used in a variety of applications. We offer a broad range of fractional horsepower, permanent magnet, DC brush type motors, wound field motors, and DC motor drives. Typical offerings are in the 1/70 to 1/3 horsepower range, with input voltages from 12 to 180 volts DC for permanent magnet product, and 12 to 230 volts DC/AC for wound field product.

Protech Electric Motors, Inc.
Jackson, WI  |  262-827-9865
Protech is a manufacturer of high quality permanent magnet DC motors, gearmotors and controls. We offer full service design, engineering, prototype development, assembly,
and testing capabilities to provide world class electric motors and controls. Every standard offering can be designed and tailored to meet your specific needs.

Intelligent Motion Systems, Inc.
Marlborough, CT  |  860-295-6102
For more than 20 years, IMS has provided innovative motion control solutions in brushless motor technology and electronic controls. We offer a full line of high-performance motion control products and accessories that are compact, powerful, and high value. Our products are routinely used in applications demanding highly precise, controlled movement, including robotics, medical, assembly, and semiconductor.

Motor Appliance Corporation
Washington, MO  |  800-622-3406
Motor Appliance Corporation designs, manufactures, and markets advanced technology battery chargers, motors, and generators. As a leading supplier, we offer innovative system solutions, advanced patented technology, custom designs, and extraordinary value. Our products are used in commercial and industrial applications, battery powered equipment, and electric vehicles.

ElectroCraft, Inc.
Dover, NH  |  603-742-3330
ElectroCraft specializes in dependable, application-engineered specialty fractional-horsepower motor and motion products. Our products use high quality materials and engineering to ensure your stock, configured, or custom motor or motion product works as expected every time. While you don’t always need a motor to last 100 years, it’s good to know that with us you can.

DC Motors, Inc.
Merrill, WI  |  715-536-9786
DC Motors is a manufacturer of custom and standard direct current electric motors. Our products feature fractional power to 75 hp, 350 to 10,000 rpm, and 12 to 240 volts. Field wound winding types include series, split series, compound and shunt. Brushless and permanent magnet motors are also manufactured to your specifications.

Specialty Motors, Inc.
Valencia, CA  |  800-232-2612
Specialty Motors is your partner in the design and construction of fractional horsepower electric motors for customized applications. We also offer a line of standard products. We provide custom motion solutions by using extensive applications engineering expertise and working closely with our customers to understand and define their project requirements.

Motor Technology, Inc.
Dayton, OH  |  937-294-1041
Motor Technology Inc. has been in the business of manufacturing fractional horsepower DC motors, gearmotors and brakemotors for over 26 years. We can select a unit from our DC Motor catalog standards to meet your needs, or when necessary, design and build a custom DC motor unit to meet your unique requirements. Our strength is in providing enthusiastic and expert assistance to every customer.

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