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The Whitmore Manufacturing Company
Rockwall, TX  |  800-699-6318
The Whitmore Manufacturing Company is an industrial leader in creating component protection technology through the manufacturing of specialized lubricants. We offer anti-seize compounds, chain and cable lubricants, cleaners and degreasers, gear oils, greases, industrial oils, hydraulic fluids, drill steel lubricants, open gear lubricants, tire sealants, air compressor lubricants, and food grade lubricants. Our company is committed to technical support and total customer satisfaction. More >

Ultrachem, Inc.
New Castle, DE  |  302-325-9880
Ultrachem is one of the oldest specialty lubricants compounders. Our synthetic lubricants are the perfect answer for industrial maintenance needs. These products are specially designed to solve costly plant lubrication problems. From impregnating oils for powder metal sleeve bearings to a broad selection of greases, OEM applications are met with confidence and cost efficiency.

PhyMet, Inc.
Springboro, OH  |  800-874-9638
MicroPoly® Lubricants, a proprietary product of PhyMet, Inc., is a solid lubricant that is a mixture of polymers, oils, and other additives that can be customized for your specific lubrication requirements. There is no need for maintenance or additional lubrication during the life of a MicroPoly filled bearing. MicroPoly lubricants can be put into bearings, cast into shapes and processed into a variety of solid profiles.

HUSK-ITT Corporation / Specialty Lubricants Corporation
Macedonia, OH  |  800-238-5823
Our lubricant forte is specialty lubricants that take over where the finest oils and greases leave off in the field of lubricants. We utilize all available technologies which include pure synthetic, semi-synthetic and highly refined mineral oils for base stocks, along with synthetic thickeners, specialized polymers, chemical additives, and boundary lubricants.

Renite® Company
Columbus, OH  |  614-253-5509
Renite® manufactures industrial lubricants for the glass and forging industries. We are the sole producer of Renite® special lubricants, swabbing compounds, release agents, and spray equipment for hot forming glass and hot working metals. We retain a lower pricing factor on our product line which includes many new developments.

Tribology/Tech-Lube, Inc.
Yaphank, NY  |  800-569-1757
Tribology/Tech-Lube is a leader in the manufacturing of specialty, synthetic, and semi-synthetic lubricants, oils, and greases including high temperature chain oils, compressor oils, gear box oils, general purpose oils, and other types of lubricants. Tribology also boasts complete lab facilities for oil analysis and diagnostics.

Vaughn Enterprises, Inc.
Appleton, WI  |  800-581-5823
Vaughn Enterprises is a distributor of Amsoil products. Amsoil, Inc. markets the most complete line of synthetic lubricants on the market today, as well as a number of other innovative, high quality automotive products. Amsoil products include motor oils, compressor oils, two cycle oils, greases and hydraulic oils, and many other types of lubricants.

Accurate Lubricants & Metalworking Fluids, Inc.
Dayton, OH  |  937-461-9906
Acculube provides metalworking and metal forming fluids, industrial oils and greases, quenchants, heat transfer fluids, automotive oils, aviation greases, absorbents, solvents, process oils and water treatment products. Acculube also provides comprehensive fluids testing, analysis and "tank-side" maintenance that maximizes the life of both fluids and machinery.

Clearco Products
Bensalem, PA  |  800-533-5823
For over 50 years, Clearco Products has been providing pure silicones fluids, silicone oils, silicone emulsions, NSF/USDA H1 food grade silicones, silicone lubricants in bulk, silicone aerosols and sprays, and other lubricants. Our pure silicone fluids, 100% dimethyl silicones, are available from a range of 5cSt. to 100,000 cSt.

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