Materials Handling: Stainless Steel Tanks


Baker Tankhead, Inc.
Fort Worth, TX  |  866-232-8030
Since 1977, Baker Tankhead has manufactured ASME® and non-code tank heads for various industries and applications. We offer a variety of products and services including head manufacturing, hotforming, cones, manways, rolled shells, burning, machining, stress relieving, and custom parts. Our products are built to your specifications including material, size, shape, thickness and strength. Our efforts are directed to producing the highest quality products at a competitive price with superb customer service. More >

Alstor Tank Systems
Westminster, MD  |  410-775-2226
We represent a full line of bolted storage tank systems including: stainless steel, glass fused to steel, epoxy coated carbon steel, and galvanized carbon steel. Tank systems are designed, engineered, manufactured and erected to meet or exceed industry codes and standards such as ANSI/AWWA standard D103, API standard and AISC.

American Structures, Inc.
Menomonie, WI  |  715-235-4225
American Structures, Inc. specializes in the professional design, fabrication, installation, and servicing of bolted and welded stainless steel storage tanks. American Structures, Inc. also provides quality steel fabrication, structural steel, and machine shop services.

Bradford White Corporation
Ambler, PA  |  800-523-2931
Bradford White is one of the most technologically advanced water heater manufacturers in the world. Bradford White water heaters for residential, commercial and hydronic space heating applications are designed to be installed by plumbing and heating professionals.

Cemline Corporation
Cheswick, PA  |  724-274-5430
Cemline Corporation® has manufactured tanks, pressure vessels, packaged water heaters, unfired clean steam generators, and replacement tube bundles to suit customer requirements since 1935. Our products are used for the storing and heating of water and liquids in plumbing and heating systems and industrial processes.

Coogar Products, LLC
Andover, NY  |  800-724-2605
We manufacture stainless-steel tanks, melters, process fill equipment, pouring equipment, pumping systems, wax hand vats, soup and cosmetic equipment, honey extractors and custom products.

EuroMachines USA
Fairfield, CA  |  707-864-5800
EuroMachines is a vital and dynamic supplier of vineyard and winery equipment. Among other things, we manufacture cubic stainless steel tanks, cylindrical stainless steel tanks with adjustable feet, cylindrical stainless steel tanks with flat bottoms, and rectangular stainless steel tanks.

Inox-Tech, Inc.
Ste. Catherine, Quebec  |  800-361-0319
Inox-Tech's mission is to design, engineer, and manufacture customized stainless steel equipment, tanks and pressure vessels, high performance bioreactors, and process and fermentation systems which will satisfy the specific requirements of each customer.

Liquid Tech Tank Systems, Inc.
Dillsburg, PA  |  717-796-7056
Liquid Tech Tank Systems, Inc. was formed in 1994 from several associated companies in the business of supplying bolted steel tanks to the water industry. We have since become the largest supplier of pre-manufactured bolt together stainless steel tanks in the industry and our tanks are in operation world wide.

Luther's Welding and Fabrication
Bristol, RI  |  401-253-5550
We manufacture marine fuel tanks, marine diesel tanks, sewage, holding and water tanks for your boating needs. We also build custom tanks made of aluminum or stainless steel for cars, trucks, recreational and racing vehicles.

Metal Benders, Inc.
Baltimore, MD  |  410-325-1119
Located in Baltimore, Maryland, Metal Benders, Inc. specializes in making custom stainless steel products for your business and home. Our products include: steamers and crab pots, custom stainless steel tanks, stainless steel covers and wall flanges, stainless steel carts and tables.

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