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Ferguson Perforating Company
Providence, RI  |  800-341-9800
For over 75 years, Ferguson Perforating has engineered perforated metal solutions and manufactured quality results for our customers. Our manufacturing capabilities include a vast array of materials – perforated aluminum, perforated stainless steel, brass, titanium, and others. And we can supply parts in coil, sheets or as completely fabricated parts.

McKey Perforating Company, Inc.
New Berlin, WI  |  800-345-7373
McKey Perforating Company is recognized for its ability to produce complex perforated materials and parts from a wide variety of metal and plastic in material thickness up to 1.00". We provide exceptional design assistance to help you take advantage of the many benefits perforated materials, parts and panels offer industrial, commercial and architectural markets.

Remaly Manufacturing Company, Inc.
Tamaqua, PA  |  888-218-2260
Remaly Manufacturing has been doing high quality fabrication and perforation of sheet metal since 1865. We make metal screens for a wide variety of applications. Our metal screens are used for filtration, vibrating screens, and revolving screens. Because of our rapid response time and high accuracy, we are a great partner for prototype work.

Diamond Perforated Metals, Inc.
Visalia, CA  |  800-642-4334
Diamond Perforated Metals is one of the largest manufacturers and distributors of perforated and expanded metal in the United States. We have one of the largest tool banks in the industry with all across perforating tools, cluster and single punch die sets produced in-house. Patterns include: rounds, squares, slots, hexagons, decorative and other custom designs.

Harrington & King Perforating Company, Inc.
Chicago, IL  |  800-251-6026
With more than 120 years of experience, H&K is known for producing perforated material with extreme accuracy and efficiency. We can provide holes in any size, shape or arrangement, in metals and non-metallics, from foil thin to one inch thick. We do it all! And no one beats us for fast delivery and competitive pricing for large or small orders.

Clark Perforating Company, Inc.
Milan, MI  |  800-521-6784
Clark Perforating Company, Inc. is a family owned and operated business established in 1948. Our perforated metals include brass, copper, zinc, steel, aluminum, hard board, monel metal, type 430 stainless steel, and others. We also offer a large variety of standard and custom patterns and perforation types.

Erdle Perforating
Rochester, NY  |  800-627-4700
Erdle Perforating is capable of completing numerous perforating projects, and welcomes the opportunity to provide you with a quote for services. Whether you need a custom perforating service quote, or information on one of our perforated products such as perforated metal, we will be happy to assist you.

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