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Action Stainless & Alloys, Inc.
Carrollton, TX  |  800-749-2523
Action Stainless & Alloy has been in business since 1982. Our primary goal as a stainless steel service center has always been 100% customer satisfaction. We carry a wide variety of shapes, sizes and alloys of stainless steel products. We take pride in being able to provide the "hard to find" alloys and sizes when you need them most. If you are a brand new customer, or have been doing business with us for many years, you can always expect us to deliver quality products on time. More >

Metal Benders, Inc.
Baltimore, MD  |  410-325-1119
We manufacture stainless steel steamers, tanks, steel covers, wall flanges, carts, tables, platforms, steps, funnels, cones enclosures and sanitary fittings.

Johnson Bros. Metal Forming Company
Berkeley, IL  |  708-449-7050
Johnson Brothers is a leading manufacturer of roll formed parts in all metals, including stainless steel. We offer custom roll forming in all metals, inline prepunch and post fabricating capabilities, specialists in forming prefinished metals, and in house tooling design and construction. We're looking forward to fulfilling all of your custom roll formed stainless steel needs.

Precision Steel Warehouse, Inc.
Franklin Park, IL  |  800-323-0740
Precision Steel Warehouse carries a variety of stainless steel. We stock stainless of the following types: heat treatable, non-heat-treatable and prehardened. We also offer stainless steel product that is martensitic, ferritic and austenitic. We provide you high-quality products.

Alliant Metals, Inc.
Hampstead, NH  |  800-543-1453
Alliant Metals is a full-service distributor of stainless steel bar, plate, sheet, tube and pipe stock. Value-added services include Waterjet cutting to 6ft x 12ft, Plasma cut to 6" thick x 10ft x 20ft, shear cut to 7 GA x 10ft, polish plate and bar stock to a #4 finish and saw cut up to 20". We can supply and process all your metal requirements.

Plymouth Tube Company
Hopkinsville, KY  |  800-323-9506
Plymouth Tube Co. is a specialty manufacturer of precision steel tubing, steel and titanium near-net shapes, and steel and titanium cold drawn shapes. We operate a large network of metalworking mills in the United States. We are a global supplier of specialty tubing in carbon steel, alloy steel, stainless steel and nickel alloy.

Vita Needle Company, Inc.
Needham, MA  |  781-444-1780
Vita Needle Company is a group of experienced manufacturing experts averaging 74 years old. As a domestic low-cost manufacturer, we provide standard and custom needles, tubing, fabricated parts and other products. We are stainless steel specialists!

Industrial Alloy Supply
Macon, GA  |  800-226-2119
When you need a quick, professional solution to your specialty metals needs, we want you to call us! Industrial Alloy Supply specializes in stainless steel sheets, plates, bars, shapes, tubing, pipe, expanded metal and angle rings. We look forward to working with you.

Tool King, Inc.
Wheeling, IL  |  847-537-2881
Tool King is an ISO 9002-certified company specializing in the production of flat rolled stainless steel, stainless steel product and other stainless steel fabrications. Our statement of quality is founded around the the desire to continually improve in every area of business.

Metal Partners, Inc.
Ramsey, NJ  |  800-793-2645
Metal Partners Inc. is a full service stainless steel distributor offering a complete range of stainless steel products. We have developed unique partnering arrangements to offer the competative pricing of a large company coupled with personal service. We ensure the products we carry meet our high expectations for quality.

Stainless Sales Corporation
Chicago, IL  |  800-621-0872
At Stainless Sales Corporation, stainless steel is our only business. Because of our dedication to this single product, we have concentrated all our efforts on finding new approaches to better serve the specialized needs of our customers. We offer thicknesses to 1/4", tighter tolerances for both lighter and heavier gauges, in-house precision edge conditioning, state-of-the-art SPC, and stainless steel in all forms, grades and finishes.

James River Steel, Inc.
Richmond, VA  |  800-825-0717
James River Steel is a leading manufacturer and supplier of stainless steel corrugated products. We see the use of this stainless steel corrugated in architectural and industrial siding, decking and roofing. This stainless corrugated is used mostly in high-corrosive environments. Call today for more information!

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