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Heubach Corporation
Garland, TX  |  800-517-8136
Heubach is a premier leader in the conversion and manufacturing of flexible materials. We offer an array of custom foam products and uses state of the art equipment to meet your requirements. We are one of the area's leading converters/fabricators of polyethylene, polyester, and polyether urethane foams for use in all areas of industry, not just packaging. Some of our products include foam sheets, foam strips, gaskets, foam case inserts, end caps, as well as foam displays, presentation units, and foam expansion joint fillers. More >

Foam Molders & Specialties, Inc.
Cerritos, CA  |  800-378-9085
Foam Molders & Specialties is the leading fabricator of high quality foams, reticulated polyurethane, cross linked polyethylene and EVA foam. As a custom converter, every project is created to your exact specifications. With product concept in hand, we can help finalize your design and create the prototype as well as the necessary tooling for full scale product.

Precision Fab Products, Inc.
Versailles, OH  |  937-526-5681
Precision Fab Products offers a comprehensive range of foam products, polyurethane and polyethylene foam materials, acoustical foam, and fabrication types. We service a wide variety of industries including medical, recreational, packaging, automotive, furniture, bedding and many more.

American Excelsior Company
Arlington, TX  |  800-777-7645
For over a century, American Excelsior has been manufacturing and marketing the latest in foam fabrication products. We manufacture open or closed-cell polyurethane, polyethylene, crosslink and specialty foams. American Excelsior has 5 fabricating plants and services many industries.

Spirit Industries, Inc.
Montgomery, TX  |  800-231-9853
Spirit Industries, the Originator of the Foam #1 Hand, has been fabricating foam items for over 30 years now. Our line has grown from only the original #1 hand to include just about any product made from foam. We also have vinyl stadium cushions, felt and vinyl pennants, car flags, beverage holders, spirit poms, stadium cups, yard signs, plastic sports balls, towels, bandanas, and mini megaphones.

TCH Foam
Newton Falls, OH  |  877-348-7486
With complete in-house design and engineering services in foam fabrication to meet any business or military application, TCH offers a full range of polyethylene and urethane packaging solutions, from basic protection to complex designs, to protect items in the most demanding shipping situations.

Hi-Tech Packaging, Inc.
Stratford, CT  |  203-378-2700
Hi-Tech Packaging is a manufacturer of molded polyurethane and polyethylene foam cushions and offers in-house foam die cutting and fabrication of all types of foams. We have been designing and manufacturing quality protective packaging since 1985. We are large enough to deliver promptly, yet small enough to provide strong personal service.

TMP Technologies, Inc.
Buffalo, NY  |  866-728-1932
TMP Technologies is the company you have come to know and trust with all of your foam fabricating needs. We are a foam fabricator designing and manufacturing foam plastic products made primarily from foam, rubber and plastic including polyurethane foam, foam fabrication and packaging foam.

Federal Foam Technologies, Inc.
New Richmond, WI  |  800-898-9559
Federal Foam Technologies is a custom foam cutter and fabricator of polyethylene, polyurethane, foam cushion, acoustic foam, and closed cell foam products. We serve many industries such as agriculture, recreation, marine, medical and several others.

G & T Industries, Inc.
Byron Center, MI  |  888-545-3626
G & T Industries is a foam fabricator with foam cutting capabilities. G&T foams are used in seating for homes, offices, restaurants, hospitals and theaters. We respond to changes in the seating market by maintaining relationships with the most innovative leaders in foam pouring.

Penn Foam
Allentown, PA  |  610-797-7500
Penn Foam is a manufacturer/fabricator of flexible polyurethane foam cushioning for furniture, packaging, bedding, sponge and novelty applications. We offer advanced die cutting systems, CNC cutting, convoluters and custom multipart gluing and assembly for special packaging and seating applications.

Paterson, NJ  |  800-720-6563
InterFoam specializes in foam fabrication and foam cutting, and also produces die cutting fabrications, polyethylene foam, foam packaging assemblies and closed cell foam. We take pride in creating new ideas that are innovative and cutting edge in order to ensure your satisfaction.

The B.B. Bradley Company
Painesville, OH  |  800-637-8623
The B.B. Bradley Company is a leading foam fabricator of foam plastic, polyethylene foam, polyurethane foam and cushioning foam. We provide quality products and services to industries such as appliance, automotive, military, electronics and more.

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