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Elder Rubber Company
Dallas, TX  |  800-231-2099
Elder Rubber Company manufactures and supplies custom rubber and plastic products. We supply and warehouse large supplies of elastomers, plastics, bushings, grommets, O-rings, rubber bumpers and extrusions. Services include die cutting, compression and injection molding for both rubber and plastics. Also, we can supply rubber bonded to metal applications. We are a small volume specialist and offer no long lead times and no minimum order quantities. More >

Porter Seal Company
Dallas, TX  |  817-594-9164
Porter Seal Company has been in business for over 25 years supplying O-rings and gaskets to the industry. Materials available in dense rubbers are EPDM, silicone, NBR (buna) nitrile, SBR, polyacrylic, neoprene, with any thickness and durometer. Materials available in sponge rubbers are EPDM, silicone, NBR (buna) nitrile, neoprene and blends, with soft, medium or firm density and any thickness. We can also supply gaskets in plastic materials, such as Nylon 6/6, santoprene, thermoplastic urethane, and many more. More >

Mosites Rubber Company, Inc.
Fort Worth, TX  |  817-335-3451
Mosites Rubber Company is a major supplier of rubber sheet and custom rubber goods. We offer a wide variety of rubber products for various industrial applications: rolls goods for die cut parts, caul sheets or re-useable vacuum bagging systems, fabricated silicone shapes for re-useable vacuum bagging systems and pressure bags, extruded profiles for seals and resin dams, molded pads for thick section gaskets, sponge rubber sheet for low pressure sealing applications, and forming rubber pads for metal forming applications. More >

Perma-Type Rubber
Plainville, CT  |  800-243-4234
Manufacturers of inflatable pipe plugs for oil, gas or water pipelines, inflatable bladders, expansion tank bladders, air bags, blood-pressure bulbs, latex, PVC and neoprene bulbs, valves and many other products.

Timco Rubber Products, Inc.
Cleveland, OH  |  800-969-6242
Timco Rubber Products supplies injection molded rubber parts, as well as conventional compression and transfer molded parts. We also supply quality extruded rubber, lathe cut rubber and die cut rubber parts.

Vanguard Products Corporation
Danbury, CT  |  203-744-7265
Vanguard Products Corpration is a full service manufacturing and engineering company providing industry with the highest precision elastomeric fabricated goods available. Offering a full spectrum of extruded rubbery gaskets, seals, and hose, Vanguard now maintains our new standard extrusions product line which is introduced herein. Additionally, we continue to provide our responsive, specialty, custom rubber product design, development and manufacturing services.

Mid-States Rubber, Inc.
Princeton, IN  |  812-385-3473
Mid-States Rubber Products is a custom rubber and plastic molder located in Indiana. Mid-States supplies the appliance, automotive, industrial equipment, material handling, recreational, and caster wheel industries. In addition to molded rubber and plastics, we make extruded rubber and die cut parts to our customer specifications.

International Rubber Products, Inc.
Rancho Dominguez, CA  |  310-868-5200
International Rubber Products has been providing global 500 companies with engineering, chemistry, prototyping, manufacturing of metal, rubber, plastics and sub-assembly solutions that help bring all the world's products to market.

Allstates Rubber & Tool Corporation
Tinley Park, IL  |  708-342-1030
Allstates specializes in "off the shelf" and custom run molded and extruded rubber parts. They currently inventory over 2500 different parts. They are capable of just-in-time deliveries as well as derivations of that, such as Kan Ban contracts.

Surco, Inc. / Hatfield Rubber Company
Hatfield, PA  |  215-855-9551
We can make OEM parts, aftermarket, prototypes, plumbing supplies, rubber to metal bonding, disaphragms, seals, grommets, bushings, flappers, crutch tips, suction cups and more, from 1 piece to millions of pieces in any elastomer, hardness, or color.

Ebco, Inc.
Elk Grove Village, IL  |  847-956-7700
Ebco is a world class supplier of rubber and plastic products. We specialize in providing low cost rubber vibration isolators, seals, as well as molded and extruded products. Our goal is to win and retain customers by exceeding their expectations for technical support, services, quality, pricing and delivery.

Precision Associates, Inc.
Minneapolis, MN  |  800-394-6590
Precision Associates is a leader in providing industry with top quality rubber products delivered in a friendly and timely manner. Cost-optimized in-house mold making capabilities allow us to manufacture special shapes, sizes and rubber-to-metal applications to meet your needs. Our experiences with a wide variety of materials - including those most difficult to work with - enable us to predict accurately the final shape and size of your finished product. For all your O-Ring and Seal needs, give Precision Associates a call.

Mason Rubber Company, Inc.
Trevose, PA  |  800-559-9020
Mason Rubber is a high quality producer of die cut, extruded and molded parts. Wheather your need is for a prototype or a full production run, Mason Rubber can work with you from concept, through designing to shipping of complete products. Contact one of our experieced customer service representatives to assist you with quoting your project.

Rubber Engineering and Development Company
Carson City, NV  |  800-733-2648
REDCO is your complete source for precision rollers, molded rubber products, extrusions, screw machine, metal stamping products, die cut gaskets, foam packaging and subassembly components.

JW Industries, Inc.
Mount Laurel, NJ  |  888-235-9285
We have a large variety of in-house stock of Elastomer Sheet Packing, Skirtboard and Matting. We ship full rolls or we can slit full rolls to your specific needs. Custom orders are produced for Coolant /Curved Hose, Rubber Belts, Rubber to Metal parts and Silicone Rubber Hose. Multiflex and Grip Ring Pipe Couplings are also available.

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