Plastics, Foam & Rubber: Rubber to Metal Bonding


Enterprise Rubber, Inc.
Akron, OH  |  888-361-7018
Enterprise Rubber offers a complete line of elastomers compounded to solve your quality product needs, including the bonding of rubber to metal. We provide a range of technical services from engineering to finished product, including vibration isolation mounts, flex-connector sleeves, screening connectors and rubber parts, tarp straps, swab cups and custom rubber parts.

Metal Rubber Corporation
Monrovia, CA  |  800-473-3337
Since 1971, Metal Rubber Corporation has been manufacturing precision rotary metal and rubber components used in the transporting of film, paper, and tape. With a continuous policy of high precision manufacturing from prototype to production, along with our quality control program (MIL STD-45662A and ISO 9002 standards), we maintain our commitment to high quality products, and on-time delivery, for which Metal Rubber has become known.

Gallagher Corporation
Gurnee, IL  |  800-373-8793
Gallagher Corporation is a multifaceted engineering, molding and machining operation. We often bond metal inserts to urethane during rubber molding. We can mold to inserts such as bearings, wheel and roller hubs, threaded fasteners, metal plates, and shafts. The insert can be made from aluminum, steel, stainless steel or plastic.

Lauren Manufacturing
New Philadelphia, OH  |  800-683-0676
Lauren has provided innovative solutions and high-quality products for a wide variety of markets for the past forty years. Lauren has taken its decades of extruded polymer seal and gasket experience and put it to work to provide quality, custom-molded products.

Karman Rubber
Akron, OH  |  330-864-2161
Karman Rubber is a world leader in rubber molding and rubber-to-metal bonding. Our modern manufacturing plant, staffed by personnel with many years experience, offers compression, transfer and injection molding services. If you're looking for a reliable source for high quality rubber parts, remember Karman Rubber.

S&H Rubber, Inc.
Fullerton, CA  |  714-525-0277
S&H Rubber specializes in compression molding and extrusion. All our products are expertly produced in our domestic facility with superior quality, turn-around and cost. We supply to top Aerospace and a wide range of other industrial companies.

Tempron Products Corporation
Milford, MA  |  508-473-5880
Tempron Products Corporation is a custom manufacturer of bonding / bonded rubber, PTFE, Teflon, metal, plastic, and fabric for pump and valve diaphragms and seals. We also custom manufacture thin all Teflon™/PTFE diaphragms and seals as well as composites. We specialize in custom products and short-runs.

Iris Rubber Company, Inc.
Cicero, IN  |  800-207-6865
A custom molder of rubber products since 1956, Iris Rubber Company is a diverse manufacturer ready to supply you with finished products, carefully designed to meet your requirements. We can work from your pre-existing mold, or we can design from your idea or concept, manufacture the mold in our own machine shop and supply you with the finished product.

H.A. King Company
Royal Oak, MI  |  248-280-0006
When faced with vibration, shock or noise control issues, H.A. King is the authority. We specialize in rubber to metal bonded products specifically designed to solve any vibration control problem. H.A. King's high-quality isolators, dampers and mounts are fabricated using state-of-the-art rubber to metal bonding processes.

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