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Jet Rubber Company
Rootstown, OH  |  330-325-1821
Since 1955, Jet Rubber Company, has been custom molding rubber and rubber-to-metal components for a variety of industries and applications. As an aggressive manufacturer of molded rubber and rubber-to-metal parts, our reputation has been built upon providing quality products, on time, and at a fair price.

Ebco® Inc.
Elk Grove Village, IL  |  877-852-4410
Ebco offers a variety of rubber and plastic products designed to meet the needs of today's industry. We specialize in vibration isolators, extruded, and molded rubber products. Our goal is to win and retain customers by exceeding their expectations for technical support, services, quality, pricing and delivery.

Rader Products, LLC
Alpharetta, GA  |  800-876-0909
Rader Products manufactures and distributes custom molded rubber and molded plastics including grommets and well nuts. Rader Products stocks a variety of molded rubber grommets and will work quickly to assist in the design and manufacture of your custom molded rubber parts.

Fairchild Industries, Inc.
Lake Zurich, IL  |  847-550-9580
For more than 40 years, Fairchild Industries has provided top quality extruded rubber, molded rubber and elastomer solutions for customers worldwide. We offer a variety of different elastomers developed in response to specific application requirements. Materials include SBR, masticated rubber, natural rubber, neoprene, silicone, EPDM, nitrile, santoprene, and viton.

Timco Rubber Products, Inc.
Cleveland, OH  |  800-969-6242
Since 1956, Timco Rubber has specialized in supplying customers with a single-source solution for high-quality, high-performing rubber products. Timco customizes a wide range of molded products including anti-vibration grommets, manifold grommets, molded seals, panel grommets, refrigeration compressor grommets, rubber caps, and vibration mounts.

IMCO, Inc.
Huntington, IN  |  260-356-4810
IMCO produces custom molded rubber products used in a broad range of industry applications including farm equipment, diesel locomotives, gas valves, electrical distribution, railroad, heavy truck, and a variety of automotive applications. We are dedicated to customer satisfaction.

Hunter Sales Corporation
Bethel Park, PA  |  800-879-5308
Hunter Sales Corporation is highly qualified to provide its customers with the most complete selection of gasketing and sealing products available. Optimum efficiency and economy of service are available with every molded or extruded shape supplied by us. We will also supply estimates and recommendation concerning any application you may have for molded or extruded parts.

Pelmor Laboratories, Inc.
Newtown, PA  |  800-772-6969
Pelmor is a specialty molder of rubber parts and components made from virtually all of the synthetic elastomers in the marketplace today. Our unique capabilities allow us to consistently mold intricately shaped, precision finished, small parts that are manufactured to extremely tight tolerances. Precision molding of high quality parts from the fluoroelastomer polymer is one of our strong suits.

Profile Rubber Corporation, Inc.
Sharon Center, OH  |  888-242-3713
Since 1968, the Profile Rubber Corporation has been supplying the world with high-quality custom molded rubber products. From tooling and compounding to molding and finishing, Profile Rubber's involvement in every phase of the production cycle guarantees rubber parts that meet, and in most cases, exceed customer specifications.

California Gasket and Rubber Corporation
Gardena, CA  |  800-635-7084
California Gasket and Rubber Corporation's mission is to provide the United States Government and a wide variety of private industries with the highest possible quality custom sealing devices. We manufacture tiny parts that weigh a fraction of a gram as well as large parts weighing hundreds of pounds.

Polyneer®, Inc.
New Bedford, MA  |  508-998-5225
We design and manufacture rubber molded products. Our Polyneer® Lo-Waste™ Molding Technology reduces material waste by up to 80%, reduces manual labor by up to 50%, reduces cycle time by up to 30%, reduces post molding processes, and reduces the pricing by up to 30%. We are ISO/TS16949:2002, ISO 9001:2000 and QS 9000:1998 certified.

Rainier Rubber Company
Seattle, WA  |  800-325-2828
Rainier Rubber Company is a manufacturer of custom molded rubber products, seals and O-rings. Rainier Rubber Company molds the full spectrum of "elastomers" from natural rubber to ALLCHEM® perfluoroelastomer products. We utilize transfer, compression and injection molding techniques to meet your exacting requirements.

I.B. Moore Company, LLC
Lexington, KY  |  800-553-3355
I.B. Moore Company has over 40 years experience in supplying custom molded industrial rubber products in varieties of sizes, configurations, and compounds. From prototypes to volume production, we specialize in providing engineering expertise, quality support, inventory management, automated assembly and precision grinding techniques.

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