Process Equipment: Industrial Ovens


Steelman Industries, Inc.
Kilgore, TX  |  903-984-3061
For 50 years Steelman Industries has been a leading provider of high-quality industrial process ovens and burn-off ovens. Our process ovens are designed to meet the needs of a growing number of industries including curing, pre-heating, aging, drying, heat-treating, and many others. Our burn-off ovens are vastly superior to any other burn-off oven. They are used in various industries, including coatings, electric motor rebuilding, plastic/fiber, and rubber. More >

Intek Corporation
Union, MO  |  800-387-8559
Intek manufactures heat panels and ovens (both gas and electric) to match the most demanding process heating requirements that appeal to end users and OEM’s worldwide. We manufacture ovens for shrink packaging, powder coating, plastics forming, baking, wood drying and painting, and other applications. Each oven is designed specifically for the needs of our customers.

HeatTek, Inc.
Ixonia, WI  |  800-575-7077
HeatTek is an industrial oven manufacturer. Our ovens are designed for your unique application to meet your heat processing needs and manufacturing requirements. We offer continuous ovens, batch/walk in ovens, and infrared and induction heating ovens. Contact HeatTek for your custom industrial oven needs.

Epcon Industrial Systems, LP.
Conroe, TX  |  936-273-3300
Epcon is a premier industrial oven manufacturer. Many of our systems have been designed to meet the most unique and stringent requirements. We offer custom building of dry-off and cure ovens. We can work with your engineering team to provide the most capable system available. Contact us today for the solution to your heat processing needs.

SJS, Inc.
Arma, KS  |  620-347-8860
We manufacture the finest quality production ovens. Whether your are looking for powder-coat batch processing ovens, or high production gas screen printing dryers, we can help set you and your business up with the finest and safest in the industry. Our ovens are manufactured in modular sections so you can start small and add on as your capacity increases.

Jensen Industries, Inc.
Whitmore Lake, MI  |  800-883-6836
Jensen Industries is an industrial heat-process equipment manufacturer. We offer convection, infrared, and batch ovens. We've been pioneering industrial processing innovations for over fifty years, and we're coming up with new ideas everyday. Ideas that can help you solve your production problems and save you money in the process.

The Lanly Company
Cleveland, OH  |  216-731-1115
The Lanly Company designs and builds custom heat processing equipment for an extensive range of industries. Our ovens and dryers deliver product uniformity and maintainability, guaranteeing maximized production. With over 68 years of multi-industry applications and innovations, we are uniquely positioned to deliver customized heat processing equipment to meet your most demanding specifications.

Eastman Manufacturing, Inc.
Brampton, Ontario  |  905-459-5703
Eastman Industrial Ovens is your source for production engineered industrial ovens. We specialize in helping you with any of your process heating needs, building you an industrial oven designed for your specific situation, re-designing and refurbishing your existing oven(s), titting your new oven or retro-fitting an old oven to into your limited floor space, and more.

Wisconsin Oven Corporation
East Troy, WI  |  262-642-3938
Wisconsin Oven Corporation has been designing, engineering, and manufacturing industrial ovens and other heating equipment for over 30 years. We offer batch ovens, conveyor ovens, print plate ovens, stock ovens, and other types of ovens. Our superior quality and commitment to customer service have made us America's largest manufacturer of the broadest range of industrial ovens.

Davron Technologies, Inc.
Chattanooga, TN  |  888-263-2673
Davron Technologies' approach to custom ovens and process equipment is to work with the customer and determine the customer's exact requirements for each particular process. We build custom electric, gas, or steam ovens with temperature capabilities up to 2,000°F, horizontal and/or vertical airflow, standard or fully programmable controls, and offer multiple heating and/or cooling zones integration. We build what you want, not what we have on the shelf!

Despatch Industries
Minneapolis, MN  |  888-337-7282
Despatch Industries is the global supplier of thermal processing equipment with over a century of experience. Our industrial ovens and furnaces are used by some of the world's most sophisticated industries, including photovoltaic energy, carbon fiber materials, medical devices and electronic components. We offer a wide range of batch ovens, continuous ovens, environmental chambers, and industrial furnaces.

Mahan Oven & Engineering, Inc.
Spartanburg, SC  |  800-809-6120
Founded in 1964, Mahan Oven and Engineering has been producing solutions to our customers' heat processing problems for over 40 years. We build a very broad range of ovens, including gas-fired, steam-heated, electric, infrared, batch, overhead conveyor, belt conveyor, wrinkle-free, thermosol, curing, test ovens, and many more! At Mahan Oven, our customers don't fit our ovens into their production plan -- we do.

Glenro, Inc.
Paterson, NJ  |  888-453-6761
Glenro designs and manufactures industrial ovens, drying ovens, individual infrared heaters, complete infrared ovens, thermal oxidizers, flatbed laminating machines and complete flatbed laminating lines. We specialize in industrial ovens for continuous manufacturing processes. Applications include predrying, drying, curing, preheating, heating, heatsetting, fusing, sintering and laminating.

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