Process Equipment: Pressure Vessels


Prentex Alloy Fabricators, Inc.
Dallas, TX  |  877-773-6839
For over 55 years, Prentex has provided its customers with custom alloy vessels and tanks. As designers, manufacturers, and consultants for made-to-order cryogenic, high pressure, vacuum, chemical and process vessels, we are proud of our reputation as a world leader in the field of custom vessel fabrication. Our specialties include pressure aging vessel, vacuum degassing oven, high pressure vessels, and many more!

Commercial Metal Forming
Orange, CA  |  800-854-3307
Commercial Metal Forming has been designing and manufacturing metal components for over 80 years. We are a QS-9000 company that is a pressure vessel head manufacturer and has capabilities in complex and progressive die, deep-drawn parts, circular products and assemblies.

Sweco® Fab, Inc.
Houston, TX  |  800-787-5914
Sweco Fab designs and fabricates different kinds of pressure vessels per ASME Sec. VIII, Div. I, and welded steel tanks per API codes. Some of our products are sulphuric acid storage tanks, pressure vessels, pressure vessels with helicopter lifting assembly, and surge protection vessels.

Pure-Flo Precision
Lancaster, PA  |  717-509-2200
Pure-Flo Precision, a division of ITT Industries, specializes in pressure vessels, pressure tanks and stainless steel pressure vessels. We serve the chemical, food, biotech, pharmaceutical and beverage industries.

Steel Structures, Inc.
Madera, CA  |  877-774-4774
Steel Structures manufactures diverse steel storage systems, custom built using stainless steel and carbon steel with coatings. Some products include pressure vessels, ASME pressure vessels, custom pressure vessels, ASME tanks and pressure tanks. We are known for our quality products and service.

SPF Corporation of America
Houston, TX  |  713-683-9373
SPF offers a wide variety of ASME code stainless steel pressure vessels and shell and tube heat exchangers. We also have a range of capabilities in SUN-Z-R cladding technology and Resista-Clad Plate for flue gas desulfurization. Contact us today for quality pressure vessel products.

Pressure Vessel Engineering, Ltd.
Waterloo, Ontario  |  519-880-9808
Pressure Vessel Engineering specializes in pressure vessel software and pressure vessel design. We provide engineering calculations and vessel CAD services. We also review design drawings and calculations.

B&D Marine and Industrial Boilers, Inc.
Charleston, SC  |  800-845-5877
B & D Marine and Industrial Boilers fabricates ASME pressure vessels and tank products. We have specialized in the application of heat, mechanical power, chemical reaction and electrical energy to metals since 1972. Some products include stainless steel pressure vessels, boilers and pressure piping systems.

Products Fabrication, Inc.
Houston, TX  |  281-449-4060
Products Fabrication designs and manufactures pressure vessels, vortex separators, piping, quick actuating closures, custom vessel internals and many other types of structures related to the oil and gas, chemical, food and medical industries.

Paget Equipment Co.
Marshfield, WI  |  800-234-3158
Paget Equipment, a division of JBL International, has over 20 years of experience serving a variety of industries. We specialize in stainless steel fabrication. Our product line includes pressure vessels, ASME pressure vessels, stainless steel pressure vessels, pressure tanks and dimple tanks.

Alloy Custom Products, Inc.
Delphi, IN  |  800-359-2556
Alloy Custom Products can supply pressure vessels, cookers, blenders, towers and chemical reactors to your design. With 50 ton lifting capacity on our shop cranes and rail service into our fabrication facility we can build almost anything that you can design. Our own in house X-Ray facilities can examine stainless weld up to 3/4" thick for defects. Our welders are qualified to weld carbon steels, stainless steels, and exoctics such as Hasteloy, Inconel and Monel.

Modern Welding Company, Inc.
Owensboro, KY  |  270-685-4400
Modern Welding is a manufacturer of both single- and double-wall underground and aboveground storage tanks, ASME tanks, ASME pressure vessels, water haulers, pressure vessels, coal haulers and more. Our products have been utilized by a variety of different industries since 1932.

Springs Fabrication, Inc.
Colorado Springs, CO  |  800-466-5896
Springs Fabrication provides quality ASME pressure vessels, stainless steel pressure vessels, carbon steel pressure vessels, pressure tanks and atmospheric tanks. Springs Fabrication is a premier supplier of engineered pressure vessel products to the highest-quality standards.

Quetzal International, Inc.
Princeton, NJ  |  609-734-4339
Quetzal International is a provider of quality medical products that meet or exceed codes or specifications. Some of our products include ASME pressure vessels, high pressure vessels and pressure tanks. We supply products to a wide range of industries.

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